My Experience of the United States



“I might not be where I want to be, but I am definitely not where I used to be!” (Meyer, Joyce)

I am Ayub Das Pariyar from Kavrepalanchok, Nepal. A 19 years old young boy who was selected for Global UGRAD 2015/16, an exchange program facilitated and funded by Department of States, Unites States of America. It is a productive program which invites all potential leaders of tomorrow from all corners of the world, creating capable and creative “future leaders” for the betterment of world as a whole. The selection process was a tough competition, whose path was carefully guided, led and suggested by experts from PDRC (Professional Development and Research Centre). I am grateful towards PDRC for it’s selfless assistance to help me get selected for this program.

From Nepal this year, I along with two other participants represented Nepal in different parts of the US and in different ways. I still remember my reaction when I heard I was selected for the program by the bi-national fulbright official team from Nepal, and then again by the University of the US. I was in Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Michigan State (49401), Mid-west, USA. It was going to be a life changing moment which I wasn’t thinking seriously of. It’d alter the whole of understanding of the world and me myself as well. It’d teach me what is it to be, and what it takes to be a ‘global citizen’, a term commonly related by Americans to themselves.p (The least by those whom I met there!).

We were in the United States to study for a semester, where we could observe the American style of learning process and learn from it. The American style of learning was completely different to what I had been doing so far in Nepal. As I would say, I was so much overwhelmed by the freedom to choose the course that I wanted to study and the flexibility of course itself. The dedication of professors to ensure the quality of our learning was also excellent. The knowledge I gained was more of practicality, and less of traditional bookish. I am confident that I can use the skills, knowledge and techniques I learnt during the semester wherever I go.

The time in the States was not only of studies and observations, but also of knowing American Culture and fun. Often times, I spared my time to travel around the places in America, trying new things in food, musics, dances and different cultures. I found out that even a small city has much to offer to its spectators in America. From walking by the beach of saltless sea (The Great Lakes), to the Church Services during Sunday Nights, learning from each new experiences helped me build a broader understanding of the world we live in. I found myself well-connected to the American Culture, while not forgetting my own Nepali one.

There has also been some life changing moments when I was there. We UGRAD grantees from all over the world were gathered together in Washington DC, the capital of United States for workshop. I learnt so much about leadership, the life skills of making relations and project initiations, beneficial for our communities in homeland and ourselves too. There, I learnt the essence of being a ‘global human being’ first, a ‘patriotic individual’ second and a ‘change-maker’ the third.

Being a part of this program has definitely changed me to a person of better approach, realistic goals and consistent hard-work. Now, I along with two other participants have become GLOBAL UGRAD Alumni. It has been a blessed year for me: a year of change, a year of learning and a year of knowing. While I know I have a lot to achieve, a lot to work hard on. As the human life is all about traveling and learning through different experiences, our life would me measured on we knowing and passing what we have as a good individual. This is where I relate the quotation I stated earlier,” I might not be where I want to be, but I am definitely not where I used to be.”

Thank you!

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A Nepali Boy in

puranMr. Puran Singh(Sarki), the founding president of PDRC has recently landed a lucrative job in one of the most renowned multinational IT company yahoo dot com as a senior software Engineer. He led PDRC when he was just twenty three years old and BE 5th semester student in the Institute of Engineering (IOE) in Pulchowk. He was such a genius student that he topped the BE entrance exam conducted by IOE in 2058 B.S.. He worked hard day and night to make PDRC a unique organization, really working for the cause of Dalit community, particularly in higher education. Our editorial team member Birendra Biswakarma talked to him through mail and here are the few excerpts from a candid dialogue with him.

How was your first experience in multinational IT Company “”?

It’s always a dream of the people working in IT to work for companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or few others…Not only because of the size of the company , the revenue they make but also because of the experience that you get working on the products used by half a billion people all over the globe. It’s challenging as well as never ending learning process which I think is very excited. So, I was very excited and felt the same way we feel when I go to the
school for the very first day after we pass from one grade to the higher grade.

Being a member of Nepali Dalit family, have you ever expected that you could reach such a height in IT profession?

I think there are the things that you don’t expect but you dream and work hard to live your dream. I definitely didn’t think about this when I was in school but as I moved along I worked hard and tried my best to be ready for the every opportunity that come to me.

Who was your inspiration into your journey?

The kind of family background we have mostly in our community, it’s very hard to find a family member who can inspire you or motivate you; Even though we get the support. So more than anything else, you have to motivate yourself and keep questioning yourself about your abilities and your own goals. I think I do the same.

What is the secret of your success?

Hard work. PERIOD. Not everyone is born genius; we become genius by knowing about the subject matter…By constantly working on it with lot of perseverance and selfless dedication. I am still nobody but I try to work hard as much as I can to understand my work and this world better.

Do you have any future plans on your professional career?

Yes I want to be a software Architect, a leading open source developer. And also have desire or say dream to open five world class schools in five development regions of our country managed by PDRC and I promise I will make it happen someday.

You became the founding president of PDRC at the age of 23 when you were a 5th semester (BE computer) student in Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk….right? What motivated you to be the part to support the mission of PDRC because it could have disturbed your study?

I was excited by the idea behind PDRC which is to develop it as a social educational organization which itself will be self sustainable and which can help to produce self sustainable individuals from the marginalized community which is the primary reason I joined PDRC and also I was excited to be a part of other like-minded young people from this community.

You have supported PDRC technically as well as financially during difficult times …do you have any plans to support PDRC further from USA?

I always have plans to work and support PDRC, I always want to set an example for our students, that even though our world is restricted by the last name we write on papers or its hard to bring food on the table for your parents. We are no different than others and if we work hard and believe that the world is nicer than bad we can achieve what we want. I always dream to make PDRC self sustainable in the futures so that we do not depend on foreign donations which is forced by the nature of economy in developed world; rather we depend on each other’s contribution from parents, alumni students, our own revenue generating institutions that serve not only our community but the whole nation with a same slogans and creed “making your dream into reality.”

I am working hard for a day to carry the flag of PDRC in international level not by opening my hands for asking donations but for the service that we have to offer to the nation by our own students and professionals from our institutions across the country.

You stayed with the students in PDRC’s hostel, taught them and helped in management in day to day activities ……..what is the basic problems in our students? And to improve it, what they should do?

I am not sure if it’s a problem or not….but I feel our students need to be more ambitious. I encourage them to dream, plan their work to achieve that dream and execute that plan with hard work and patience to live that dream.

Joining PDRC team was your decision right….tell me what did you gain and lose being in PDRC in such an initial stage?

I have always taken my decisions myself, so absolutely 100% yes. I gained PDRC and lost nothing, though it did affect my study little bit but I think I covered it all now.

(This interview was taken from PDRC Newsletter dated Feb-April, 2010, Volume-2, Issue-2)

कहिल्यै हरेस नखाने सोचको बिज्ञान: अस्वीकारले कसरि सफलतालाइ प्रभावित गर्छ


बेरोजगार डर लाग्दो हुन्छ | त्यो एउटा यस्तो अनिश्चित अवस्था हो जहाँ तपाई आफ्नो भबिष्यको बारेमा नानाथरी अनुमान गर्न बाट आफुलाई रोक्नै सक्नुहुन्न | सम्पतिको गुणगान गरिने र पेशाको आधारमा मान्छेको मुल्यांकन हुने अहिलेको समाजमा त बेरोजगार हुनु सराप झैँ मानिन्छ |

बेरोजगार हुनुको सबै भन्दा खराब पक्ष बारम्बार अस्वीकृत हुनु हो | अनगिन्ति आवरण पत्र, बायोडाटा, अन्तरबार्ता र रोजगारदाता बाट ‘तपाई छनौट हुनु भएन’ भनेर आउने इमेल आदिले तपाइको आत्म-सम्मानमा चोट पुर्याउछ | कहिले काही त यस्तो सम्म लाग्छ कि यी सब चिज गर्नुको कुनै अर्थ नै छैन |

तपाई जति लामो समय सम्म बेरोजगार हुनु भयो, त्यति नै तपाईमा जागिर पाउदिन कि भन्ने डर जाग्न थाल्छ | अन्ततः तपाई लाइ आफु रोजगारीको लागि नै योग्य छैन कि भन्ने डरले सताउछ |

८०/९० को दशक तिर जन्मेका र ठुलो आर्थिक मन्दीको बेला भर्खरै बिश्वबिधालयबाट पढाई सकेको विद्यार्थी, जसले जागिर पाउनका लागि धेरै संघर्ष गरेका छन्, तिनीहरु बाट हामी धेरै कुरा सिक्न सक्छौं | अहिले त आर्थिक अवस्थामा धेरै सुधार भै सक्दा पनि अझै धेरै युवाहरु सक्रिय रुपमा रोजगार कै खोजीमा छन् |

यसो भयो भन्दैमा आशा मारीहाल्नु भने हुदैन | वर्तमानमा त्यसको आभाष नहुन सक्छ तर अहिले सम्म तपाइले अनुभब गरेका सबै अस्वीकृतिहरुले तपाइलाई परिपक्व बनाउदै लगिरहेको हुन्छ | अझ बुझ्नु पर्ने कुरा के हो भने- मान्छेको मूल्य उसले ओगटेको पद र कमाउने पैसाले मात्र मापन गर्नुहुदैन |

जीवनमा धेरै आरोह र अवरोह हरु हुन्छन | थुप्रै अबरोधका बीच पनि आफ्नो उदेश्यबाट सदैब अविचलित रहनु नै सफलता सुनिश्चित गर्ने एक मात्र बाटो हो |

धैर्यता सफलताको साँचो हो

सफलता अक्सर केहि मान्छेको काखमा मात्र परेको देखिन्छ, तर सत्य त्यसो कदापी होइन | इतिहासमा धेरै सफल भएका मान्छेहरु सफल हुनु भन्दा अगाडी धेरै कठिनाई पार गरेर त्यहाँ सम्म पुगेका हुन् भन्ने कुरा बिर्सनुहुँदैन |

उदाहरणको लागी एसियाकै धनी मध्येका एक ज्याक मा पनि कुनै बेला केएफसीमा जागिर खान संघर्ष गर्थे | तर अहिले उनि अलिबाबा समुहको संस्थापक भनेर विश्व विख्यात छन् | उनका निम्ति पनि अस्वीकृत हुनु कुनै अपचिरित कुरा होइन |

केएफसीमा काम गर्नु भन्दा पहिले उनी पनि कलेजको प्रवेश परिक्षामा फेल भएका थिए, रोजगारीको लागि संघर्ष गरिरहेको बेला स्थानीय प्रहरीबाट अस्वीकृत् भएका थिए |

यसका बाबजुद उनी आफ्नो उदेश्यमा कटिबद्ध भइरहे र उदेश्य प्राप्तिका लागि आफुलाई सुधार गर्ने निर्यणमा पुगे |

उनि सधै अंग्रेजी सिक्ने चाहना राख्थे, प्रायः बाइकमा ४५ मिनेटको बाटो पार गरि सब भन्दा नजिको होटेलमा बिदेशी संग अंग्रेजी बोल्ने अभ्यास गर्थे | कालान्तरमा उनी बिदेशीलाइ आफ्नो सहरको नि-शुल्क भ्रमण गराउन थाले र स्थानीय स्कुलमा अंग्रेजी पढाउने गरि भाषामा निपुण भए |

मा को धैर्यता र प्रयासले उनलाई सफलता दिलायो | १९९५ मा उनले अनुवादकको काम पाए र त्यसले उनको अमेरिका सम्मको यात्रा तय गरयो | अमेरिकामा रहदा उनी इन्टरनेटको सम्भावना देखि आकर्षित भए | त्यसले उनलाई “अलिबाबा” स्थापना गर्न प्रेरित गर्यो, त्यस पछिको अरु सबै त अब इतिहास भइसक्यो |

अहिले उनी संग झन्डै २२.६ अर्ब अमेरिकी डलर बराबरको सम्पति छ | उनि संग धैर्यता नभएको भए आज उनी जहाँ छन् त्यहाँ कहिल्यै हुदैनथे | उनको यात्रा एक जना कमजोर अंग्रेजी शिक्षक हुदै संसार विख्यात अरबपति सम्म आइपुग्यो | उनले बेरोजगारी, निरन्तर अस्वीकृति र गरिबीको मुकाबिला गरे र सधै अगाडी बढ्न आफ्नो दक्षता तिखार्न इच्छुक भइरहे |

काम गर्नुको प्रेरणा पैसा कमाउनु मात्र हुनु हुदैन भन्ने कुराको उनी गतिलो प्रमाण हुन् | पैसा कुनै पनि उपलब्धिको  एक मात्र मापक कदापी हुन सक्दैन |

अर्को शब्दमा भन्नु पर्दा, के पनि भन्न सकिन्छ भने, मा को सबै भन्दा ठुलो उपलब्धि भनेकै अरुले निरन्तर ‘हुदैन’ भनिरहदा पनि उनि सधै अगाडी बढ्न इच्छुक भइरहे |

उनी लगायत अरु धेरै मानिसहरु, जसले बेरोजगारीलाइ काम नगर्ने बहाना कहिल्यै बनाएन, बाट हामी धेरै कुरा सिक्न सक्छौ |

जेके रोलिङ्ग देखि स्टिव जोब्स, जसले केहि नवीन र सफल काम गरि इतिहासमा महान बने, उनीहरुले पनि जीवनमा बेरोजगार लगायतका थुप्रै अवरोधहरुको सामना गरे |

जिबनमा कहिले हरेस नखानु

दरिलो आत्मबल बिना सफलता असम्भब छ | मनोविज्ञानका प्रोफेसर अन्गेला ली डकवर्थका अनुसार – “भबिष्य सधै धैर्यतासंग टासिएको हुन्छ- हरेक दिन मात्र होइन, हरेक महिना मात्र होइन, तपाईले आफ्नो सपनालाई यथार्थमा बदल्न बर्षौ कडा मेहनत गर्नुपर्छ | आत्मबल छोटो होइन, लामो दुरीको दौड झैँ हुन्छ |”

जब तपाई बेरोजगारी जस्तो कठिनाईको सामना गर्नुहुन्छ,  त्यतिखेर तपाइलाई सजिलो बाटो खोज्ने लालसाले प्रभावित गर्न खोज्छ | सजिलो बाटो अंगालेर कोहि पनि सन्तोषजनक जीवन बाच्न सक्दैन, धेरै जसो डरको कारणले मानिसले सजिलो बाटो रोज्छ |

सारमा भन्नु पर्दा अगाडी बढ्ने र सिक्ने एउटा मात्र बाटो भनेको संघर्ष नै हो | त्यसैले सफलताले जहिले पनि धैर्यता र संकल्पको माग गर्दछ |

“कहिले पनि हरेस नखानु” यो एउटा प्रेरणादायी वाक्य हो | गर्न भन्दा भन्न धेरै सजिलो हुन्छ | तर पनि, आफ्नो उदेश्यमा दृढ रहन हामीले ज्याक मा जस्तै हुन जरुरि छ |

बिहान उठ्ने बित्तिकै तपाईको मष्तिस्कमा एउटा स्पस्ट योजना हुनु पर्छ र त्यसलाई प्राप्त गर्न लागि अगाडी सर्ने इच्छाशक्ति पनि | कुनै बाहाना बनाउनुहुदैन | कुनै पनि बेला अस्वीकृत भएको खण्डमा हामीले आफुलाई सधै ब्यस्त राख्न सक्नुपर्छ  |

हामीले पैसा भन्दा पर अरु पनि प्राप्य चिज हुन्छन भनेर हेर्न जरुरि छ, जस्तो कि नया नया भाषा सिकेर नौलो अवसरहरु खोज्ने |

साथै चाहिएको बेला सहयोग माग्न पनि सिक्नुपर्छ | धेरै जनाले भुलबस के सोच्छन भने सफल मान्छेहरु पूर्ण रुपमा कसै माथि कुनै पनि रुपमा आश्रित हुदैनन | जति सुकै सक्षम भए पनि, जिबनको यात्रामा हरेकले कसै न कसै बाट सहयोग लिएकै हुन्छ |

जसो कि ज्याक मा ले साथी हरुको सहयोग बिना अलिबाबाको स्थापना गर्न सक्दैनथे |

कुनै पनि ठाउँमा अस्वीकृत हुनुलाई आफ्नो अयोग्यताको संकेतको रुपमा बुझ्नु हुदैन, बरु त्यसलाई प्रेरणाको स्रोतको रुपमा प्रयोग गर्नुपर्छ |

हामी सबै संग सिक्ने, आफुलाई बदल्ने र प्रगति गर्ने क्षमता छ | सफलताको मापन हामीले यी गुणहरुको लाभ कसरी लिन्छौ भन्नेमा निहित हुन्छ |

(नोट: एलिटडेलीमा John Haltiwanger द्वारा अंग्रेजीमा लेखिएको  यो लेखको अनुवाद PDRC का कार्यक्रम प्रबन्धक रुप सुनारले गर्नु भएको हो |)


bijay1I believe that “when one has something to achieve, then there is no word such as “SUFFERINGS” for them”.  The person with desperation of accomplishing their desires makes all the difficulties that come their way unseen. No matter how big the hurdles are, they will find it smaller in comparison with their desire to reach their goal, which inspires them more to tackle with the problem that is on their way with the smile on their face.  For the achievers the difficulties that come their way are not something that bothers them instead it something they love to face. They enjoy every difficulty that comes across their way as they believe in “No gain without pain”.

Everybody has some dreams to live, that is woven since their childhood but not everybody gets to live up their dream. Only few get to live them up and it is not just because they dreamt or wished of living their success, they actually worked for it wholeheartedly ignoring the word such as “SUFFERING”.

I am not an expert to help you pave your path of success neither I am person who is in peak of success. However, from my own experiences, I have tried listed the ways to success with the hope that it might be useful for most of you.

  • Dare to dream of your goal: Most of us must be thinking that dream is something that comes to us after we sleep; obviously, that is a very common definition for dream. But the dream I am talking about is something that does not come to us after our sleep instead it is something that doesn’t let us sleep. It is one of the most important parts of one’s success. Dreaming of your goal means visualizing yourself living up the success that you want to have in future and then having a well-planned steps to live reach to that success of yours.
  • Follow your dream: This is in fact harder than the first one and most of them fail to do, and it is very common because we are human being and it is normal for us to get distracted.  In order reach the dream all we have to do is be focused on what we want and follow them. Following your dream means to be consistence to your goal.  Thus, to have continuity to the way toward the goal, all you need to have is strong will power to follow it.
  • Determination: To be firm on your goal is utmost important. We need to have a firm decision on what you are going to do and in any cost you won’t be losing it.
  • Good attitude: This is the driving force of a person and it gives direction to the individual whether one will reach his/her aim and stay happy or collapse on the way.
  • Preparation: Forget about everything just keep following your dream and have faith on yourself. Have a planned chart for every day and start working according to it. Prepare yourself with everything you need like an army going to a battle field, who is ready for any hardship at any time.
  • Discipline: Another important key to success is the discipline. Without which we will become careless and ignorant. Well- discipline means being loyal and towards the work. One needs to be able to control their self from being disturbed and distracted by different external factor and should promote the environment that enhances their learning.
  • Health:   All of us are aware that “healthy minds reside in a healthy body” therefore one needsto take very good care of their health. It is only through healthy mind one can get focused.
  • Regularity: continuous hardworking is necessary before you reach to your aim.
  • Compete with yourself:  There are lots of student working for same thing but don’t compare with them. The comparison with other may lead you towards frustration instead compare yourself from yesterday and today. This comparison gives you the idea of where you stand and what you need to do to be better than this.
  • Communication:  On your way to your success, there will be time when you feel like giving up or might get clueless in that case talk to the people around you or talk to the people who have already achieved what you want. Talking to the people will inspire you more to continue your journey with less hardship.

The writer Bijay Pariyar is a MBBS final year student at KIST Medical College.

The Role of PDRC in My Life

Shristi Khati, Mississippi University for Women USA.

                                         Shristi Khati, Mississippi University for Women USA.

People have their own specific way of describing PDRC. Some discuss it as non-profitable organization or a platform for the talented student where they can endure their talents, whereas some might say it as organization full of opportunities but for me, it is a “CATALYST”. Like in chemistry the catalyst is a substance which fastens the reaction without taking part in the reaction.  PDRC is an organization that catalyses students especially from the marginalized group by proper guidelines and facilities.

My journey with PDRC began in 2010 A.D, it was then when I first came to PDRC with my father in search of the catalyst. I grew up with dream to become a doctor. I was science student in my high school. With time the passion to become a doctor turned into my obsession. One year after my high schooling, all my friends started with something. Some went for business whereas some for media and what not. But, I was still there working and waiting to start up my career with my childhood dream.
One day something unusual happened. I got a call from PDRC saying that I have been nominated as a possible candidate for the program called NESA UGRAD. That was not the final decision however I was in shock because I always had this inferiority complex. I went to meet the program manager Mr. Rup Sunar and went through the counseling. The program impressed me. For a while I kept my dream aside thinking this would be a life time achievement. Even if I be a doctor, I would be an experienced doctor.
I was confounded. It was a full scholarship program with stipend still there was lots of ups and downs. With lots of dilemma I decided to go with application process, I bet this process wasn’t an easy one. I went through two interviews and the written exams and the orientation. There were around 16 students from PDRC to compete along with each other. Among these 16 only 5 were to be selected and sent to the Fulbright Commission for the finals. All of them were equally potential. Seeing all these truly speaking I didn’t have hope on being selected even for the final competition of Fulbright commissions.
But expect the unexpected! I was able to make my way not only to the finals but all the way to USA. The most important thing I am proud to say that I was the only girl participant from Nepal. This made me realize that I am equally potential like everyone. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of PDRC. They saw the potential “SHRISTI” on me. They provide me all the support and care to reach where I am. They made me able to believe on myself.  For, this I will always be grateful to PDRC.
I came back to Nepal still living with my childhood dream. With all what happened I had learnt a lesson. “It is not about what you dream, It is all about what opportunities you get in Life.” There is more to life than just a childhood dream. If that day I chose to go with my so called doctor dream I would have missed a lot. Thank you PDRC.

PDRC in My Eyes

Pankaj Jairu, Southeastern Louisiana University USA

                    Pankaj Jairu, Southeastern Louisiana University USA

PDRC is a helpful organization .It plays an instrumental role in one’s career development .It feels like next to home to get in touch with PDRC with it’s polite,empathetic,helpful,enthusiastic ,humanitarian,encouraging,responsible and friendly members. From my experience with PDRC,it plays an instrumental role in one’s career development. When I left for Kathmandu from my hometown,I had too little idea about how to find a college/school ;entrance tests;scholarships and opportunities. I was homesick ,in addition to that. These were horribly difficult jobs to be done by oneself,especially if one has got limited financial resources. I must appreciate those who helped me achieve the goal of higher education so far. PDRC is prominent among those.

I am in contact with PDRC after my secondary school leaving examinations. I used to burrow books from PDRC’s book bank during my 10+2 level studies .I used to visit PDRC frequently and used to get evaluations ,suggestions and encouragements and hope for bright future.
After my higher secondary level finals, I entered PDRC boys’ hostel to prepare for competitive examinations. It was a great opportunity to have friends with similar goals and social background at the hostel. Competitive exams have always been rigorous and challenging to click. Everyone was hardworking including the organization for the entrance exams. Yeah ,I must mention,the organization too worked hard to help students excel, by conducting repetitive and diverse model tests ,assessments ,counselings and discussion sessions.
PDRC provides students with a bunch of career options and opportunities.It was during my stay at the PDRC hostel ,the PDRC office let us know about the Fulbright Scholarship (NESA-UGRAD) opportunity ,which is supposed to be a great opportunity in the world. Going through language test and interview process was difficult. I attended the interview preparation sessions,document preparation sessions at PDRC .I went through the Fulbright scholarship selection process with flying colors. Every effort made proved fruitful. Now, I am enjoying the scholarship here in United States.It’s a great opportunity to be here and get a wonderful experience . My achievement of Fulbright scholarship is accredited to PDRC. Thanks to PDRC.