PDRC in My Eyes

Pankaj Jairu, Southeastern Louisiana University USA

                    Pankaj Jairu, Southeastern Louisiana University USA

PDRC is a helpful organization .It plays an instrumental role in one’s career development .It feels like next to home to get in touch with PDRC with it’s polite,empathetic,helpful,enthusiastic ,humanitarian,encouraging,responsible and friendly members. From my experience with PDRC,it plays an instrumental role in one’s career development. When I left for Kathmandu from my hometown,I had too little idea about how to find a college/school ;entrance tests;scholarships and opportunities. I was homesick ,in addition to that. These were horribly difficult jobs to be done by oneself,especially if one has got limited financial resources. I must appreciate those who helped me achieve the goal of higher education so far. PDRC is prominent among those.

I am in contact with PDRC after my secondary school leaving examinations. I used to burrow books from PDRC’s book bank during my 10+2 level studies .I used to visit PDRC frequently and used to get evaluations ,suggestions and encouragements and hope for bright future.
After my higher secondary level finals, I entered PDRC boys’ hostel to prepare for competitive examinations. It was a great opportunity to have friends with similar goals and social background at the hostel. Competitive exams have always been rigorous and challenging to click. Everyone was hardworking including the organization for the entrance exams. Yeah ,I must mention,the organization too worked hard to help students excel, by conducting repetitive and diverse model tests ,assessments ,counselings and discussion sessions.
PDRC provides students with a bunch of career options and opportunities.It was during my stay at the PDRC hostel ,the PDRC office let us know about the Fulbright Scholarship (NESA-UGRAD) opportunity ,which is supposed to be a great opportunity in the world. Going through language test and interview process was difficult. I attended the interview preparation sessions,document preparation sessions at PDRC .I went through the Fulbright scholarship selection process with flying colors. Every effort made proved fruitful. Now, I am enjoying the scholarship here in United States.It’s a great opportunity to be here and get a wonderful experience . My achievement of Fulbright scholarship is accredited to PDRC. Thanks to PDRC.

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