bijay1I believe that “when one has something to achieve, then there is no word such as “SUFFERINGS” for them”.  The person with desperation of accomplishing their desires makes all the difficulties that come their way unseen. No matter how big the hurdles are, they will find it smaller in comparison with their desire to reach their goal, which inspires them more to tackle with the problem that is on their way with the smile on their face.  For the achievers the difficulties that come their way are not something that bothers them instead it something they love to face. They enjoy every difficulty that comes across their way as they believe in “No gain without pain”.

Everybody has some dreams to live, that is woven since their childhood but not everybody gets to live up their dream. Only few get to live them up and it is not just because they dreamt or wished of living their success, they actually worked for it wholeheartedly ignoring the word such as “SUFFERING”.

I am not an expert to help you pave your path of success neither I am person who is in peak of success. However, from my own experiences, I have tried listed the ways to success with the hope that it might be useful for most of you.

  • Dare to dream of your goal: Most of us must be thinking that dream is something that comes to us after we sleep; obviously, that is a very common definition for dream. But the dream I am talking about is something that does not come to us after our sleep instead it is something that doesn’t let us sleep. It is one of the most important parts of one’s success. Dreaming of your goal means visualizing yourself living up the success that you want to have in future and then having a well-planned steps to live reach to that success of yours.
  • Follow your dream: This is in fact harder than the first one and most of them fail to do, and it is very common because we are human being and it is normal for us to get distracted.  In order reach the dream all we have to do is be focused on what we want and follow them. Following your dream means to be consistence to your goal.  Thus, to have continuity to the way toward the goal, all you need to have is strong will power to follow it.
  • Determination: To be firm on your goal is utmost important. We need to have a firm decision on what you are going to do and in any cost you won’t be losing it.
  • Good attitude: This is the driving force of a person and it gives direction to the individual whether one will reach his/her aim and stay happy or collapse on the way.
  • Preparation: Forget about everything just keep following your dream and have faith on yourself. Have a planned chart for every day and start working according to it. Prepare yourself with everything you need like an army going to a battle field, who is ready for any hardship at any time.
  • Discipline: Another important key to success is the discipline. Without which we will become careless and ignorant. Well- discipline means being loyal and towards the work. One needs to be able to control their self from being disturbed and distracted by different external factor and should promote the environment that enhances their learning.
  • Health:   All of us are aware that “healthy minds reside in a healthy body” therefore one needsto take very good care of their health. It is only through healthy mind one can get focused.
  • Regularity: continuous hardworking is necessary before you reach to your aim.
  • Compete with yourself:  There are lots of student working for same thing but don’t compare with them. The comparison with other may lead you towards frustration instead compare yourself from yesterday and today. This comparison gives you the idea of where you stand and what you need to do to be better than this.
  • Communication:  On your way to your success, there will be time when you feel like giving up or might get clueless in that case talk to the people around you or talk to the people who have already achieved what you want. Talking to the people will inspire you more to continue your journey with less hardship.

The writer Bijay Pariyar is a MBBS final year student at KIST Medical College.


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